Royal Battle: Again, massive protests erupt in Kano

Royal Battle: Again, massive protests erupt in Kano

POLITICS DIGEST- Rano Local Government Area in Kano is currently witnessing massive protests following the recent dissolution of their Emirate Council by the State Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf.

The decision has sparked widespread outrage among residents, who have taken to the streets to express their discontent.

The dissolution of the Kano Emirate Council, announced by Governor Yusuf, has been met with fierce opposition from the local community. 

Protesters, chanting slogans and carrying placards, gathered in large numbers, demanding the reinstatement of their traditional council. 

Reports say the atmosphere in Kano is tense as demonstrators march through the town, voicing their grievances against the government’s decision.

Eyewitnesses report that the protests, which began early in the morning, have disrupted normal activities in the area. 

Businesses and schools have been closed as a precautionary measure, and the local market, usually bustling with activity, remains deserted. 

Residents have set up roadblocks, preventing vehicular movement and calling on the governor to reverse his decision.

Protesters accuse Governor Yusuf of disrespecting their heritage and failing to consult with key stakeholders before making such a significant decision. 

“We will not accept this decision. Our emirate is part of our identity, and dissolving it is an attack on our culture and history,” said a protester.

Security forces have been deployed to manage the situation and prevent any escalation of violence.